High Court allows the FCA to pause civil case against WealthTek LLP

The FCA will focus on investigating suspected criminal offences by Mr Dance, having secured a 12-month pause in our civil case over serious regulatory breaches.

On 1 March 2024, following an application by the FCA, His Honour Judge Baumgartner sitting as a judge of the High Court granted a 12-month pause in our civil case against Mr Dance and WealthTek LLP.

The investigation into suspected criminal offences in respect of WealthTek LLP and Mr Dance continues. Progress in that investigation has led us to focus our resources on the suspected criminal offences. The option to restart our civil case remains open to the FCA.

The Restraint Order granted on 8 November 2023 for Mr Dance remains in place. The purpose of the order is to preserve assets and make them available for a future confiscation order, which can only be made following a criminal conviction.

The Special Administration of WealthTek LLP ordered by the High Court on 6 April 2023 also remains.

The British Horseracing Authority remains responsible for matters relating to Mr Dance’s participation in horse racing activities.

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