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EMA certified employed by investment firms

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Who We Are

In most common law countries lawyers have many options over the course of their careers.

  • Prosecution of Criminal Suspects
  • Advocacy in Administrative Hearings
  • Protecting Intellectual Property

Top Attorneys

Working as a lawyer involves the practical application of abstract legal theories and knowledge.

  • Oral Argument in the Courts
  • Research and Drafting of Papers
  • Client Intake and Counseling

Legal Advice

Application of principles of law to the concrete facts in order to advise the client what to do next.

  • Case Evaluation and Strategy
  • Analysis of Legal and Factual Issues
  • Mediation, Arbitration, Reference

EMA The Strength of Law applicable in European Platforms

Financial markets have been always a spot for non-regulated companies to make investors go in the wrong way. Our Job is to fight against financial crime and make online investments a safe place for European users.


To ensure that a company is regulated by European Markets Authority please make sure you search on the public register of companies.

We investigate and close the online gates at scam platforms blocking them to be visible in Europe so they can’t offer service in our territory

EMA read and write it’s an open forum dedicated to traders to share their own experiences on trading.

EMA FREE Pop is a mail service for interested traders to be notified on time with our new scam release news so you can be always notified

You can reach us any time by sending a request [email protected]

Effective supervision to ensure investor Protection

We exercise effective supervision to ensure investors’ protection and that the development can be healthy. The vision of EMA is to establish a secure and safe market for European traders. Through our supervision, we ensure investor protection and the healthy development of the securities markets. The main purpose of EMA is set on the 35 articles of the law that regulate the structure, duties, power, and other related matters (c21(c) 2008)

Our Services

Legal Advice

At EMA we give legal advice for different cases on trader’s investments


All investors are protected by the financial law of their own country or where the license does have a permit

Consumer Issues

Investors may notify EMA of consumer issues with their investments

Investors Trust

By being certified by EMA investors should know that companies are monitored

Case Evaluation

At EMA we do evaluate your case and proceed if the case can be progressed by us

Initial Motion

We do initiate cases by investigating issues written on Read & Write forum

Legal Research

In initiated issues, full research to start a practice can be delivered to the investor

Read & Write Investors Forum

Your opinion on markets or issues is important to understand or investigate investment firms or platforms

An open forum for all investors on authorized platforms and a special dedicated area for not authorized companies on EMA territory

EMA Vision

Consumers Protection

Consumers Protection

We protect consumers from the harm caused by bad conduct in financial services.

Market Integrity

Market Integrity

We aim to support a healthy and successful financial system.

Competition Promotor

Competition Promotor

We promote effective competition in the interests of consumers and take action to address concerns.



We publish a wide range of publications: consultations, policy papers, decision-making documents, research, and other useful information.


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    EMA FREE Pop is a mail service for interested traders to be notified on time with our new scam release news so you can be always notified