Digital Signature

European Markets Authority

European Markets Authority procedures for the secure transmission of the electronic data

European Markets Authority procedures for the secure transmission of the electronic data, in its effort to improve its procedures, with the purpose of secure transmission of the electronic data via EMA system which will result in improve time and resources, decides to alter its policy regarding the submission of specific forms, as specified in the relevant Circular, so that they include a certified digital signature according to the Law regulated legal framework of electronic signatures

Renewals of digital certificates

Renewals of digital certificates, submission of applications for new digital certificates as well as token delivery to the users is done via the European Markets Authority which recognized the digital certificates.

Software for USB Token

USB Tokens for EMA  or Digital Signature Certificate for European Markets Authority, being a host of vital protective measures, have gained massive recognition in the past years. Since EMA has also made it mandatory for the users to have a USB token, the user can utilize these “Plug and Play” tokens to download and install.

With its two-factor authentication process for validation, and secure local and remote desktop login, people are now enjoying the liberty to perform their signing operation from remote locations.

Types of USB Tokens


The Proxkey USB token is a hardware cryptographic token with two-factor authentication. The involvement of both private and public keys makes the entire signing process smooth. Also, the private key is stored on the chip embedded inside the token. Thus, can’t be exported.


A USB mtoken helps in assuring or identifying the user’s identity electronically, thus enhancing digital security. The secure and strong authentication for network access allows you to perform cloud signing operations with ease.

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