FCA bans director from working in financial services after violent criminal conviction

The Financial Conduct Authority has banned Mr. Ashkan Zahedian from working in financial services following his conviction for serious, violent offenses, which took place while he was an approved individual.

Mr. Zahedian was the sole director of an authorized consumer credit firm, Vast Cars Limited, and was approved by the FCA as a senior manager.

In May 2020, Mr. Zahedian pleaded guilty and was convicted of grievous bodily harm and possession of an offensive weapon, having attacked a security guard at a bar with a machete.

He was sentenced to three years imprisonment at Lewes Crown Court. The FCA has decided to remove Mr. Zahedian’s approval to perform the senior management function at Vast Cars Limited and impose a prohibition order, preventing him from working in financial services in the future.

Mark Steward, Executive Director of Enforcement and Market Oversight said:

‘Those authorized to provide financial services are required to meet and maintain high standards of character, fitness, and properness.

‘These were serious, violent criminal offenses reflecting on Mr. Zahedian’s character and justifying the finding that he is not a person to be working in financial services.

‘The FCA will continue to uphold high standards of character and conduct for those working in financial services.’

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