ASIC industry funding: Release of 2022-23 annual dashboard and summary of variances

ASIC today published its annual dashboard of regulatory costs for 2022-23 by activity for each sector and subsector under the industry funding model (IFM). This is a requirement under s138 of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission Act 2001. These costs, calculated at the end of each financial year, are based on the actual effort it expends for each sector and subsector.

ASIC has also published the variances between its estimated and actual costs for subsectors.

Estimated costs were published in our 2022-23 Cost Recovery Implementation Statement (CRIS) in June 2023.

ASIC’s 2022-23 industry funding levies, which are based on actual regulatory costs by subsector, was published on 29 November 2023. Around 40,000 invoices for these levies will be issued to entities between January and March 2024.

ASIC determines where it directs its regulatory efforts and resources based on our ongoing assessment of the threats and harms across our total regulated population. This means levies can be difficult to predict and can vary over time.

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